viernes, 4 de abril de 2008

The Back Streets (19)

The Back Streets (19)
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The older part of Sunny Beach, a few streets back from the main drag, still retains some of the old character that it had twenty or thirty years ago before the European influence took over. Soime may call it a little 'run down' but look beyond that and you can see what it might have been like to holiday here decades ago when, still under Communism, every Bulgarian worker was assured of a summer holiday by the sea.
Few of todays holidaymakers will spend much time in this less vobrant and colourful part of the resort and it is likely that much of it will be redeveloped in the coming years but there is something quaint and 'real' about it. The bars are smaller and more friendly and the stalls still sell local produce rather than designer brands.
Venture behind the hotels on the main road and you will see this part of the resort which has its own charm.

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