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Archanai Thatu Seller

Archanai Thatu Seller
Cargado originalmente por Tall dark stranger
This lady sells all the things that are used to perform a pooja.

A typical Archanai (a ritual) Thatu (means plate and in this context a small basket or tray) contains a. one or two coconuts, b. Fruits-usually banana, c. Flowers, d. beetle leaf and nuts and e. camphor for arathi.

The gurukal (priest) usually performs the pooja (ritual or prayer). And the temple usually has all the material required for a basic pooja. Due to the sheer number of people that come by to a temple and perform these pooja’s, the temple runs out of material. It’s a standard practice these days to get your own pooja material before getting your special pooja done at the temple. You can buy a basket and leave your footwear with the archanai thatu seller.

Over so many years our family knows this women and her daughter

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