martes, 22 de abril de 2008

algunas frutas (mercado en Managua)

algunas frutas (mercado en Managua)
Cargado originalmente por birdfarm
i'm embarrassed to admit I probably couldn't identify all of these fruits, but they do look delicious.....

the electricity was out in the market, which is inside a huge tin warehouse-like it was almost totally dark... hence the flash.


an amusing p.s. on the electricity situation: people seemed to find it extremely odd that I was wandering around in the dark there.

In retrospect, it was extremely odd.

I was definitely the only chele (local word for what would be called a gringa further north) in the entire place--it's a real, regular market where real, regular people buy and sell what they need--and nobody was doing a lot of buying or selling since, obviously, the lights were out.

There were no customers, and the merchants were mostly complaining to each other about how annoying the power outage was, how often it happened, how long it might last, and what the impact on business might be.

If I imagine a...uh...Balinese tourist trying to take photos of the shampoo aisle in my local Walgreens during a power outage, perhaps I can glimpse a little of the ridiculousness of the situation.

But I felt that I had come to see the market, and damn it, I was gonna see the damn market!

So I did.

I can only hope that I was more of an amusement than annoyance to the people there.

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