sábado, 26 de abril de 2008

A watermelon street shop at Adyar- Chennai

Selling on the street is fun and Chennai's streets are the perfect place for people to test their selling skills that make an impact. Many Americans, unlike people from the Middle East, the Mediterranean countries, Asia, India, Pakistan, China, and Africa, are not used to the idea participating in face-to-face bazaars or trading, to them this is unusual.

Historically, it is at the bazaar (a street stalls) where fortunes are made and family specialties are formed. Many of these specialties become family crafts, with tips and techniques past down through generations. The bazaar is always a colourful place, filled with creative people who vie for your attention.

To most street-sellers their talent, ideas, energy, enthusiasm, and craftsmanship runs high. Generally, the people who sell at street shops or stalls rely upon themselves (rather than on employers) to make a living. This couple make a reasonably good living selling seasonal fruits here in Adyar just opposite Runs hotel and adjacent to a bus stand.

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