sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

Imbi markets

Imbi markets
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Right near the centre of town are the Imbi markets. Along Jalan Imbi (Imbi Road). Funny that. Its an old school wet market. My mum's family has been shopping here since the beginning of time.

My aunt had asked me to pickup some eggs for her and given me her previous egg tray to re-use (how's that for recycling!). And she told me to tell the egg seller that its for Mrs Lee, coz then she would make sure to pick out the best eggs. Being not that conversant with Cantonese I mumble that its for Mrs Lee and sure enough the egg seller began picking individual eggs out from the many many trays at her disposal. I dig the strong old school relationship between market seller & buyer - especially considering "Mrs Lee" isn't exactly unique in Malaysia!

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