sábado, 10 de mayo de 2008

India, a big familly

India, a big familly
Cargado originalmente por Elishams
Selling vegetables near the main ghat of Benares. Everything is always on the floor… and see the balance.

The woman is cutting ginger for a busy neighbour. Of course, they all know each other, Indian people considere themselves as part of a big familly. When they say the land is holy, it's not just a word, they make it real. Everybody calls everybody "didi" "sister", or bhaya "brother", or if elder" chacha" oncle," maya" or mata ji, mother, or more elder "dada" grand-father… Yes, they are a big familly for real, that's how I felt when living in Benares for a few years. And it feels so good !

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