martes, 27 de mayo de 2008

Huế Market

Huế Market
Cargado originalmente por Jaako
Huế Market

The Market in Huế was personally conflicting...

On one hand, there was cheap silk, fresh fruit, meat & snacks, discounted merchandise (as in: disappeared out the back door at the local factory!!) shoes, jewelry, arts and crafts. On the other hand: rampant poverty, illness, war survivors, and amputee children.

It was hard to get into the shopping mood when you're constantly forced to reconsider the necessity of what you're buying.

...That being said, we walked out of the Huế market with silk shirts, scarves, robes, kimonos and a big bag of what cathy describes as buddha fruit!

Shortly after leaving the market, we consumed several 10,000 VND beers and ate some spring rolls to lighten the mood.

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