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Casa de Pumpkin

Casa de Pumpkin
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Located along the Pacheco Pass between Gilroy and Los Banos in north-central California, Casa de Fruta is a surreal fantasy-land always worth stopping for. What started out as a roadside fruit stand nearly 100 years ago on a small two lane highway in the middle of nowhere has grown out of control.

Now the fruit stand is bigger than many grocery stores. Next to the fruit stand is the Casa de Gifts gift-shop (souvenirs of your visit to a fruit stand?). Next to that is the 24hr Casa de Restaurant diner. Behind that is the huge Case de Wine store (and they make their own wine too!), and inside that is the Casa de Deli.

Behind that - there is the Casa de Sweets serving ice cream and candy and more. Inside Casa de Sweets you can buy tickets to ride the Casa de Carousel (imported from Italy), or the miniature Casa de Choo-Choo, which circles the property - passing through the playground and the park (Casa de Park?). It also takes you through the buffalo paddock, and past various other animals.

Also present in the Casa de Complex is the Casa de Diesel 24/hr gas station, as well as the Casa de Inn hotel, and of course - the Casa de RV Park and Festival Grounds.

There is also a big giant teepee and a pumpkin patch, of course.

Weird, and wonderful. I imagine the fruit must be pretty good too.

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