viernes, 28 de marzo de 2008

The good folks @ Sosio's

The good folks @ Sosio's
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Good call MPG! These guys are amazing! I brought home a HUGE bag of produce.

I am glad you did..I'll prolly hit it tomorrow :) what did you buy?

So much! Spinach, asparagus, fingerling potatoes, melon, apples, garlic, shallots. Nice people there. I'll be going back to them. Since it's a 3 day weekend the crowds were INSANE!!!

Nice you got a lot - just like I do! Not only that, but Erik if you ever have any kind of question regarding a fruit or vegetable variety or funky rare produce questions like I twist their brains with...believe me, they will have an answer! Those guys do their job well - I am glad you enjoyed shopping there :)

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