martes, 3 de junio de 2008

Green is Life

Green is Life
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Because of bad weather so I had to stay in Pokhara one more day.. It's not bad as I could biked to the place i still missed... Actually so lazy to bike because it was hilly but tried to think it's a good exercise... Along the way, it was nothing interesting.. just the road parrallel to the runwway of airport... I was almost gave up and turned back but somehow I continued biking..

Finally I found interesting place... a cross called Prativi Showk and there, an evening market was very livley and colorful.. Market along the pavement and I was happy there seeing real daily life of Nepal...

Only me, a tourist was there among local people.. Remenmer one Japanese economic expert who asked me to take him to observe fresh market... He said it is the good way to see economic of the city in the local fresh market... since then I find local fresh market is very interesting... Sitting on the bus seeing field of corn, I could imagine corn of dinner table or in the market and there it is.. This observation makes the travel always interesting for me...

As Fewa lake and dam is water source for agriculture... so the fresh market was full of green and red.. It was so narrow walkway and my eye was color-blind of these colorful street market.. Till I find this corner ... beautfiul ad colorful..

It was little happiness to see and share the colorful life there... the freshy and colorful vegetables here was so tempting so I finally bought lemons ... just to have hot honey lemon drink while reading and writing diary at night at the hotel ... Just localise myself with the place..

Prativi Showk
Kingdom of Nepal

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